Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood System Cleaning

Ever-Ready Maintenance, Inc. technicians are properly trained, qualified, certified and specializes in extensive Grease Exhaust Cleaning Services. We ensure your kitchen space is spotless and inspection ready. We are properly trained, qualified and certified to perform services.

Our service will help you prepare for health inspections while maintaining a sanitary and safe work environment.

Pre-Cleaning Grease Exhaust Cleaning

According to ANSI-C10 Chapters 6 and 7, Ever-Ready Maintenance, Inc., prep and drape method is superior to other exhaust cleaning companies. We move equipment away from walls and actually clean underneath which is great in protection of workspace areas (food storage).

This helps you prepare for health inspections while maintaining a sanitary and safe work environment.

Equipment, Walls, Floor and Roof Cleaning, etc.

After a week of cooking and operating your business even the most sanitary restaurants develop build up and gunk. This build-up takes place on kitchen equipment, walls, floors and roof. Ever-Ready Maintenance, Inc. can help you keep your equipment, walls and floors squeaky clean with our scrape and scrub cleaning service.

Allow us to clean up when excess grease from the exhaust fan flows onto the roof for an extended period of time they can cause extreme damage to the roof membrane because grease is highly alkaline and will eat up the roof membrane and eventually puncture the roof and cause problems & leaks below.

Ever-Ready Maintenance. Inc. will provide the following:

  • Inspect all areas of the exhaust system (hoods, filters, plenum, fans, ducts and other appurtenances).
  • Clean and inspect conducts in accordance with NFPA96 fire code.
  • Insure areas below the exhaust fan are free of grease build-up.
  • Check for missing or damaged filters.
  • Clean all existing filters.
  • Check for proper operation and hinges on all exhaust fans.
  • Clean vertical and horizontal ducts including grease cups.
  • Notify customer and clean any visible grease leaks from the duct system.

Post- Grease Exhaust Cleaning

ANSI-C10 – says when all cleaning procedures have been completed all components of the system shall be returned to the operable state.

ANSI-C10 – Chapter 11 – Exhaust Cleaning Process Reporting:

11.1 Certificate Posting – When an exhaust is inspected or cleaned, the person performing the inspection or cleaning shall affix a preprinted certificate, label or tag containing service provider name, address, and telephone number, and date of inspection or cleaning. Ever-Ready Maintenance, Inc. will provide a Post-Cleaning Inspection Report.

Ever-Ready Maintenance Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Other Services in Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

  • Grease Containment

    A grease containment system can protect the long-term stability of your roof while prolonging the life and condition of your fan and its surroundings.

  • Hood Filter Exchange Program

    Routine replacement of grease filters ensures that your system is working, breathing and performing at its peak operating efficiency. We provide a 2nd set of new filters with our program. This service provided will be completed weekly to prevent grease build-up and help with circulation of air in your kitchen.

  • Hinge Kit Installation

    This can be done in an economical way. Hinge kits protect the roof from leaks and roof damage. The kit also protects the exhaust fans and the ventilation system. According to the NFPA Code-96 requires each exhaust fan to have weatherproof electrical cables that are flexible and hinged. A hinged exhaust fan also helps to promote safety when cleaning, inspecting and increases the lifespan of your exhaust fan.

  • Equipment Cleaning

    It is recommended to be cleaned annually due to grease build up. According to NFPA Code 11.7.2, cooking equipment that collects grease below the surface, behind the equipment of in cooking equipment flue gas exhaust, shall be inspected and, if found with grease accumulation, cleaned by a properly trained, qualified and certified person acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

  • Cooking Oil Filtration

    This service increases the life of cooking oil, and improves the quality of fried food. We can provide a daily or weekly oil filtration services to your restaurant. Ask us for more details about this program.

  • Fire Suppression System Maintenance

    Below is a quote of services / repairs that we are able to offer:

    • Semi-Annual Fire System Service
    • Fuse Links
    • Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspections
    • Annual E-Light Inspections
    • Compliance Engine Fee (only according to the authority having jurisdiction)
  • Additional Fire Suppression System Information:
    • Nozzle caps are included with inspection price
    • Tamper seals are included with fire extinguisher inspection price
    • No disposal fee of any kind

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Restaurant – Kitchen Cleaning Services In NC – Give Your Kitchen A Much-Needed Cleaning

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas in your restaurant.  Cooking there day after day can actually make the kitchen dirty and in need of a thorough cleaning. From the exhaust hood systems to the equipment etc you need some experience and serious energy to clean the space. You may not be able to tackle this challenge; therefore you need expert kitchen cleaning services in NC for this job.

Ever-Ready Maintenance has a team of expert technicians that are experienced, certified and trained to clean your kitchen and conduct a thorough inspection to see whether your kitchen is in good condition or not!

We provide kitchen exhaust cleaning services for commercial kitchens to help you prepare for health inspections by authorities. We help commercial kitchens maintain a clean and healthy workspace.

We provide the following solutions as part of our thorough kitchen cleaning services:

  • We inspect all the areas of the exhaust system including the hoods, fans, filters, ducts, plenum, and other appurtenances.
  • We also provide cleaning and inspection solution in compliance NFPA96 fire code.
  • We also make sure that the areas below the exhaust fan is free from grease build-up.
  • Our technician also checks for any missing or damaged filters while cleaning the system.
  • We clean all the existing filters in your kitchen.
  • We also check for proper operation of all exhaust fans.
  • We also provide cleaning services for the vertical and horizontal ducts.
  • Our technicians clean any visible grease leaks from the duct system in your kitchen space.
  • We also notify you in case of any urgent maintenance work needed around your kitchen.


Our technicians at Ever-Ready Maintenance inspects and provides the cleaning services accordingly. We provide pre-grease exhaust cleaning as well as post-grease exhaust cleaning as per the industry standards and regulations of the authorities.

When you hire us, we come to your kitchen and then conduct a thorough inspection of the entire space to let you know if any repair is needed anywhere. Whether you need a clean-up for your commercial kitchen, a routine maintenance is a must for avoiding any mishap or grease build-up hazards.

Apart from thorough inspection and cleaning, we also provide some specialty services for our esteemed clients. This includes:

  • Grease Containment systems
  • Hinge kit installation
  • Hood filter exchange program
  • Cooking oil filtration
  • Kitchen equipment cleaning
  • Fire suppression system maintenance


Your kitchen needs proper maintenance to avoid any health and fire hazards. Trust the experts at Ever-Ready Maintenance to inspect, clean and deliver a clean kitchen to you. Grease build-up can lead to serious damage hire us today for a complete cleaning of your kitchen.

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